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Staycation - Three go to Devon Again!

Have Van Will Travel!

On the way back from Devon we have decided once again to have a few nights in a proper campsite. I don't think we are ready for wild camping yet. Maybe in the summer after a few trials we can have a look at it.

Although we have a loo and shower onboard it is for emergency use only! No one wants the job of emptying the cassette from under the loo! At least at home it's flush and forgotten!

So I have booked another site, once again to the south of the country on the Dorset "Jurassic Coast" near Chesil Beach. The site is dog friendly and so is the nearby beach. So we can go for a few long walks and chill. It will be May so I only hope that the weather holds up.

Our first week of Van ownership has proved less than ideal. It snowed the day we collected it, then it rained most of the weekend apart from a small window at Dungeness.

The site this time is called East Fleet Farm. This isn't adult only like we chose for the stopover on the way down. But hopefully as it is between Easter and Half-Term there will be fewer kids about.


We'll need to look for more places to go as the summer progresses and hopefully the weather will look up! I am already thinking about a longer trip in June and early July whilst the kids are still in school. I have nothing against kids but sometimes you want to go away and not be plagued by them everywhere.....

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The White Cliffs of Dover

Staycation - No bluebirds

sunny 15 °C

Sadly there are no bluebirds to fly over the White Cliffs of Dover. There never were any. There are however magpies and jackdaws. The corvids supplement their diet by scavenging amongst the tables outside the visitor centre and café; there are always crumbs and things to purloin.

Our visit today was to have a walk in the autumn sunshine and give Reggie, our Patterdale X, a walk where he can get his nose around new smells.

It is also our 20th Wedding Anniversary. Much better weather than on that day back in 2000.

As members of the National Trust we get in free to all their sites, although "free" comes after we have paid to be members. As seniors we do save a couple of pounds each year.

Dover is about 15 miles from our house, so this was definitely a staycation day. Despite it being a weekday and October, there were a lot of people enjoying the walks across the top of the cliffs from the parking and visitor centre.

Our first stop was as usual for coffee and as it is a special occasion Claire bought a sausage roll each. Reggie has his own water and treats that I carry on my back! Sometimes going out with a dog is like going equipped for a baby. Poo bags instead of nappies (diapers to the non UK)

We set off via the car to pick up that gear and then took the cliff edge walk. After Storm Alex last week and into the weekend I had expected it to be much muddier and more slippery but the chalk path was okay. Some of the other steps cut into the chalk were very wet and muddy.


Luckily we didn't meet anyone else on the narrow bits. The drop to the right is only about 75 feet onto a lower ledge that is quite wide. You would have be a a complete idiot to find yourself in the sea!

The first part of the walk overlooks Dover Eastern Docks. This is where the ferries from France come in and leave from. Despite Covid-19 and various lockdowns the movement of trucks seems to be unabated.


There is also a really good view of Dover Castle.


Our walk took us along Langdon Cliff until we got to the muddy bit. Despite being in walking boots we opted to turn back and take the higher route but not before taking a few photos of the famous White Cliffs.

large_DSC00015.JPGlarge_DSC00023.JPGRemains of the wartime buildings

Remains of the wartime buildings


The Trust uses ponies to keep the grasslands natural and we were lucky to come across a few of them on the way back. Reggie doesn't really react to farm animals but as instructed we keep him on a lead in case he decides to act differently one day!


From here it was back to the visitor centre for a loo break and Claire to visit the shop. Reg and I had a wander across the entry road as he isn't allowed in the shop. Not that he'd want to buy anything anyway, and of course, he doesn't have any money ….

Visitor Centre

Visitor Centre

large_DSC00034.JPGReggie Exploring

Reggie Exploring

And then home. A nice few hours on the English coast and it didn't rain.

One Man and his Dog

One Man and his Dog

Oddly when I got home I noticed my phone had received a message whilst I was out. It was from Tesco Mobile welcoming me to France. Err. France. I was about 22 miles from France on the White Cliffs.

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British Motor Museum - Gaydon


The museum is located off the M42 in Warwickshire. and it spread over several buildings. There are exhibits that you wouldn't normally find in most car museums, and that's what makes this one unique.

There are prototypes as well as the ugly reasons why many of the British motor manufacturers went bust. If you think the Allegro was a lovely car, then you will certainly love this place.

You may think that the rush to get rid of the internal combustion engine (ICE) is a new fad, but it's not. In the UK we had electric vehicles delivering milk for many years, and then the twisted brain of someone came up with this monstrosity.

1972 Leyland-Crompton electric car prototype.

1972 Leyland-Crompton electric car prototype.

There are some beautiful examples of cars at the right end of the spectrum and some that should have been destroyed before they ever made it off the "designers" table.....

Beautiful MG prototype

Beautiful MG prototype

Jenson FF

Jenson FF

More information can be found on the museum's own website.

More photos from the trip.

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