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Devon 19 - Day 1

Home to Fleet

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Packed and left home around 7pm for the overnight stop at the Days Inn at Fleet Services at the M3.

The motorways were relatively free moving. The usual lane hoggers in evidence in the so called "smart motorways". We get an extra lane and it is mostly empty. Instead car drivers seem to think proper lane to drive in is the third lane!!

Arrived about 9pm. Checked in and unloaded the car. Then went across to the services for a coffee. Bummer they don't do Starbuck's points and no dogs allowed in the empty services.

Then a walk for Reggie to do his loo things but he didn't do anything.

Time for bed then.


Whether it was the journey here or the hotel, but Reggie was up all night.

Bed time about 11pm and his last pee and walk. And again at 1.30am. At 3.30am and 5.30am.

If only he had spent more time asleep until it was time to leave...


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Afghan Heroes Run

Up early to get up to Stop 24 to meet Ian Gardner. As we had plenty of time I had a bacon sandwich and a coffee. At the Oakdene we met another group from the SOC Kent Centre.

Then it was zoom to Bracknell for the first refuel and then onto the airfield to book in. It was all a bit haphazard and pretty disorganised and we lined up and they never even looked at my registration card just whipped a fiver off me and said that the special wristbands had run out. How to get one now? The organisers are working on a way to get those that missed out on the special wristbands.

We were put on the back of a huge line of bikes. One half of the group went round the left side of the runway and we were on the right.

As we inched forward it seemed that it didn't matter how long you had been waiting, the riders on the left seemed to leave non-stop. This was evidenced as one of the Oakdene team, Brian Squibb, was home at 1645 or so about the same time that we got to Swindon on the way home!

In the end it was worth it to say that we had been there on this run. "I WAS THERE!"

Sometime in the future everyone you meet will claim "I was there on the first Afghan Heroes Bike Run".

We will nod and simply smile because WE WERE.

Even after all the waiting and messing about. What made it worthwhile were the people of the villages, Malmesbury and Wootton Bassett that came out to wave and cheer us past!

Would I go again if they do it next year? Of course. Bring it on.

Loads of pics courtesy of Nedine Blackman O'Brien's photo gallery website - http://feraphotography.co.uk/Wootton_Bassett.html#220


More photos!

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