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Devon 19 - Day 3

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Forced to use the Corsa instead of the Insignia due to an "engine fault" light. Too late to get it fixed before the trip.

Even with several hours in traffic jams, sometimes not moving, today's fuel stop came out at 47.6mpg.

I have created a Fuelly account for it.


A total of 338.6 miles since I filled it up on Thursday morning. Without all the holdups it could have been so much better. Sadly I don't see the return in Friday being any better.


Up late. Well I was. The lack of sleep at the Days Inn with Reggie wanting to go out every two hours and the long hours at the wheel and I was knackered.

We chose to visit Clovelly. TomTom reckoned 10 miles until we set off. We had been going a while and it was 9! It looks like TomTom's initial guess is that it's as the crow flies until the route gets planned.

Clovelly is pretty famous. We have been before but not with a dog. The descent to see sea and harbour and the Red Lion pub is in three phases. The first downhill to the pottery is slight. Part two from there to the top of the main Street steeper and made of stones not proper cobbles.

Wear Skechers at your peril.

The third section is the main street. Same underfoot stones and steps in places. We had a break at the New Inn for a sandwich and a drink. It rained a bit but the prawn and crab baguettes were very nice. I had a half of the local Golden Pig beer. Nice and hippy. Not quite the after taste of IPA.



















An ice-cream on the way back finished off the visit. Saying that legs hurt a bit after the walk back up would be an understatement.

We needed some stuff for dinner so we looked for the Asda just off the A39 at Bideford. Claire went in and we looked after the car.

Another cream tea when we got back to finish off Anna's lot.


Don't worry we have plenty more scones, jam and clotted cream.

What's in store tomorrow? There is a railway at Great Torrington. Dartmoor is to the south....

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Devon 19 - Day 2

Fleet to Devon

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Up early and popped across to the main services for breakfast. Decided on McDonald's. A nice bacon and egg McMuffin.

It's on the other side of the motorway!

Dogs are not allowed inside the services building and the bridge is inside. Bugger it. Once across the bridge to McD and queue was out of the door. None of the ordering screens were working. Not queuing.

Subway almost next door do a really nice sub with bacon, egg and cheese. Also no queue. So we had that.

Finally on the road just after 10am and all seemed to be going well until about three and a half miles short of Stonehenge. Stopped dead. Two lanes go down to one. Some 45 minutes later we crawled past the stones.

Why the f**k there is no bypass for anyone passing by?

The A303 is stop start pretty often due to either dual carriageways running out, or the two lanes becoming one.

Surely the locals want bypasses for their villages rather than solid traffic and all the pollution?

We arrived at our planned stop at Stourhead way later than expected. Lucky we are members and we park free.

Reggie isn't allowed in the landscape garden until after 4pm and so we had a walk around the outside and had a coffee in the garden.

Back on the road and more solid traffic wherever two lanes went down to one. The route took us a few junctions on the M5 and the traffic was solid going north. An idea what we might see next week on our return.

A stop at Taunton Deane services for a drink and for Reggie to stretch his legs.

Altogether our stops had come to an hour and forty minutes. We eventually arrived at the cottage just after 5pm. TomTom reckoned just under four hours not seven.

As we were parking, Anna the owner passed by. She had left us a cream tea in the cottage.


Once unpacked we needed to get out again to a supermarket.

We had the first cream tea installment first.


The supermarket was Tesco in Bideford. We need to go back as Bideford looks nice and the river/inlet is tidal.

Once back we gave Reggie a run around the field by the cottage. Dinner? Lasagne and cider.

Tomorrow. Where to?

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Devon 19 - Day 1

Home to Fleet

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Packed and left home around 7pm for the overnight stop at the Days Inn at Fleet Services at the M3.

The motorways were relatively free moving. The usual lane hoggers in evidence in the so called "smart motorways". We get an extra lane and it is mostly empty. Instead car drivers seem to think proper lane to drive in is the third lane!!

Arrived about 9pm. Checked in and unloaded the car. Then went across to the services for a coffee. Bummer they don't do Starbuck's points and no dogs allowed in the empty services.

Then a walk for Reggie to do his loo things but he didn't do anything.

Time for bed then.


Whether it was the journey here or the hotel, but Reggie was up all night.

Bed time about 11pm and his last pee and walk. And again at 1.30am. At 3.30am and 5.30am.

If only he had spent more time asleep until it was time to leave...


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