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March 2022

Staycation - Three go to Devon Again!

No sooner had we paid out £400 as the balance on the holiday stay in Brixham did we then look at buying a motorhome. We had a look at a few at several different dealers in the south-east of England. We have talked about this before and thought maybe about hiring one for a week.

Had we realised that after several visits to look at one, that on March 12th we would get out the MasterCard and put down a £1000 deposit on one. At the time of writing we are looking to collect it on April 1st - April Fools Day!


If we had thought about it sooner we may have saved the £400 and used that to pay for sites to visit in the new (to us) van.

It's a 2013 Eldiss Majestic 115. It's two berth and considered a starter motorhome for couples. Although we have seen on a few forums that it is also a good one for those downsizing from a bigger one. If we had cancelled the holiday home we would have lost the £118 we paid as a deposit.

So instead of the car we will go in the van (still to be named) and get used to it. I have to insure it this week before we collect it and it will need to be road taxed for use on British roads. I have already added it to the Dart Charge system to get us across the infamous blockage across the Thames from Kent to Essex. Luckily it is the same charge as a car.

For the trip to Devon I contacted the owner of the holiday home and she is happy for a motorhome rather than a car but she thinks it may be too wide for the gateway onto the drive. There is however unrestricted parking outside the place where we can park in the street.

There is so much to do before we go anywhere and I am looking forward to getting it and having a play. We have been watching a TV programme with comedian Paul Merton and his wife, Suki Webster, where they are novices and have a bigger than van than ours. They were a bit too much like Claire and me! I might have to start calling Claire "Suki" instead!

We have already started collecting some of the bits and pieces we will need to have when we "camp". First thing was a hook-up cable for when we are on a proper site with hook-ups. Plus some lightweight plates etc so we can eat. Gas is a problem. The previous owners kept the two Calor Gas bottles and so we decided to have a pair pf permanent LPG bottles installed. Not cheap but they will mean there's no need to unhook and replace one when it runs out. Apparently there is a shortage of new bottles as the lockdowns meant that more people bought them (I have no idea why!) and there's is a shortage. Now we will have to find an LPG garage to fill them up.

Of course we plan a few days trips to places we know we can stop to test out how it all works away from the experienced campers eyes. I remember being a regular and experienced camper watching others struggling to put up a new tent and wondering if I should intervene.

On the way to Devon I have booked two nights in an adult only campsite called "Back of Beyond" in Hampshire. it's about halfway between home and Brixham. It means our journey will be far shorter each day and or course gives us a chance to try a proper camping ground with electric hook-ups etc.

It might restrict us on some of the drives out in the week we are in the cottage as it is wider and longer than a car. But we'll cope with that as it happens. What it does mean is that we can stop where we like and brew up and not worry about a café or town!

The freedom of the road? We'll see!

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