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February 2022

Matlock Staycation - Day 5

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Home day. After a really nice time away, we were up bright and early to get packed up and away

We had to be out by 10am, but with super speed we were off at 09.18am! We decided on the M1 route home and then the west side of the M25. There was a bit of confusion as we headed east as the satnav wanted us to head away from the signposted M1 (South). We followed the signs and joined at J26.

Progress was good with the cruise control at 70mph for most of the way. I do wonder why some drivers wait until you are in an overtaking lane, then speed up. This leaves you stranded! A minute later you sail past them.

First stop was at the Watford Gap services. There is some grass for Reggie to exercise his feet and have a pee. Claire bought coffee. We were there no longer than 25 minutes.

Then off. There is a reduced speed limit on the M1 from there to almost Milton Keynes. They are obviously building a smart motorway. But for thirty or so miles no actual sign of work. Not even any equipment. Another show of how crap Highways England are.

With the M4 closed miles away and it feeding back to the M25 we decided to take the eastward loop and the Dartford Crossing.

Traffic crawled to the junction, then we got back to 70 and the overheads announced a vehicle fire. Traffic stopped completely for about 15 .inutes just before the A1 junction. Sadly someone's car was totally destroyed.

Our next stop was Thurrock. Not my favourite services. I go there every year for the Ring of Red on Remembrance Sunday. I found new to us grass and Reggie once again watered the flowers.

And we were off again. The next stop at my Aunt's to pick up her Magimix to take it to the repairers. That's not far from where we live. A job for tomorrow.

That done and we were home about 2.45pm. car unloaded, Reggie fed. Time to unwind.

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Matlock Staycation - Day 4

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Today we decided to go to another National Trust house at Kedleston Hall. We knew that Reggie couldn't go in the house but that was okay. They have a refreshment truck and loads of walking trails.

First stop was coffee and then we set off on the short walk. It turned out very muddy and so we set off on the long walk that is all hard surfaced. Well until about 3 miles into it when we get down to the lake and there was deep mud. At least we had the right walking boots. Could have done with wellies for that section.


After a loo break where I managed to clean most of the mud off my boots, we had a spot of lunch. After the excesses of the last few days, we had a cheese and onion pasty between us. Reggie made do with some of his treats.

Now where? Back to Chatsworth? Why not.

We basically retraced our steps back past the turning to Birchover. The car park was packed. We found a space and togged up. A walk to look at the ornamental gates to the house and then down to get a look at the facade.


From there it was back to the Stables. Reggie to have his dinner and us to have a sit down and rest. The rugby on the TV to end the afternoon.

Tomorrow, we have to drive home. As we passed through Bakewell I stopped to fill the tank to ensure we start off with a full tank in the morning. Stories coming in on social media is that some clowns are panic buying petrol!

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Matlock Staycation - Day 3 Part 2

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After lunch we set off for Chatsworth..it's about 8 miles from the Stables.

The house is closed but there are plenty of walks and for local school half term the children's play area is open.

We had a little walk and then went to the estate farm shop. Some local stuff bought, but no pudding this time.

We had dinner in the cottage including some Staffordshire oatcakes. Lovely.

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Matlock Staycation - Day 3 Part 1

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Today started off pretty well. Ilam Hall and Dovedale to start with.

Nissan Connect was actually able to locate Ilam Hall. We arrived in good
time and parked up. The car park was free as we are National Trust members.

The sun is shining and it was a balmy 8 °C. First stop Manifold Tea Room.
Reggie not allowed in as he isn't an assistance dog. We sat outside and it
would be right not to have a bit of Bakewell Tart....

Paul, one of the volunteers advised us against walking to Dovedale due to
the local flooding of the Dove and the mud. He gave us a short walk along
the river there at Ilam. Plus a bag of treats for Reggie.


Walk acheived we drove to Dovedale. The car park was a vast sea of mud. It
was packed as locally this week is half term. Plus Paul said that the
famous stepping stones may still be submerged as they had been a few days

We aborted. Set Nissan Connect for Chatsworth House. Or so we thought. It
took us through Ashbourne towards Derby!

Chatsworth is near Bakewell!

Another aborted journey. We set the car for the Stables and turned around.
A stop in Ashbourne at Sainsbury's for tonight's and tomorrow night's

So a late lunch and then out to make the most of the day.

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Staycation Matlock - Day 2 P2

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We arrived back at The Stables and parked up. Claire wanted to see Eileen the owner to get the WiFi code. Reggie had other ideas and wanted to check out the natives in the garden.

We had other ideas after his widdle. Bakewell Pudding. Not the icing and glace cherry covered tarts.

The Bakewell Pudding.


Absolutely lovely. Reggie had his dinner and then asked to go out. As we don't have an enclosed garden we have take him on the lead. So after a check on the locals we had a walk down the rapidly roughening and narrowing Main St.


Then back for a tea. Claire and Reggie having a snooze whilst I catch up with emails etc.

Next? Dinner!!!

Last night we booked the same table across at the Druids Inn. It was perfect for us in the corner where Reggie could sit out of the way. It means eating is a little less fraught should another dog make a nuisance of itself.

Tonight Claire had the Chicken Supreme with Dauphinois Potatoes. I had beer battered fish.


Followed by Sticky Toffee Pudding. One between two.

Once filled to the brim we went back to the cottage. Some TV and then bed.

Tomorrow. Dove Dale?

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